Home or office objects that do double duty are always a hit with us, but the BE READY collection from Swiss design duo SUPERLIFE is on a whole new level of cool. Each of the objects in the four-item collection has a double life that may just save your life in an emergency situation.

Blackout starts off as a stylish floor lamp – if you look closely enough you’ll notice that the top of the lamp looks just a little different than similar lamps. That’s because the top comes off to be used as a flashlight if the electricity should ever cut out.

The lamp is plugged in and charging the internal battery under normal circumstances, so when you pull it off of the base you don’t have to scramble to find conventional batteries to put in it.

If you’re ever in a natural disaster situation and need to find your way to safety, all you have to do is remove the flashlight from the base, turn the light on with a push of a button, and easily illuminate your path.

In normal conditions, Meduse is a quirky little round rug. You’ll notice there’s a thin strip of material off to one side; that’s for inflating it in the event of a flood.

The rug actually becomes a makeshift floatation device. It won’t keep you as safe or hold you for as long as, say, a boat – but it will hopefully help you keep your head above water until help arrives.

Poumon looks like a regular desktop pen/pencil cup in a fun curvy shape. It could sit unnoticed on your desk – that is, until you need it.

The Poumon contains a filter to help you breathe in a fire or when a lot of stifling dust is present, such as in a partial building collapse.

Alive is the only product that doesn’t really serve a regular daily purpose; instead, it serves two disaster-related purposes. It sticks to the underside of a desk or table, discrete and out of sight until you need it.

If you are trapped in your building, a whistle detaches from the main body so you can audibly lead rescuers to your location.

The base also sports a small glowing light that can help rescuers see your position in the dark as well, making their jobs easier and getting you rescued as soon as possible. Of course, no one ever wants to use products like these, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.