small living room space

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This may be the world’s weirdest decorating endeavor for a to-little-to-live-in space – an entire scaled-to-size, fully furnished interior design scheme tucked into a tiny space inside of a computer case that manages to make the familiar mechanical and electrical elements around it take on amazing new dimensions.

small space living room

What is really remarkable here is how well it all fits together – the miniature lamp, super-small lounge chair and tiny coffee table are clearly custom-built or culled from dollhouses but are almost less impressive than the patterns they bring out in the surrounding space.

small dollhouse scale living room

By tricking the eye into seeing everything at the scale of miniature invisible occupants, racks of computer parts suddenly become stocked shelves in a study, tiny wires turn into electrical cables and circuit boards become wonderfully rich, patterned, three-dimensional wallpaper designs.