Meet Dojo. It’s just a tiny pebble but it has the power to protect your connected home from cyber attacks and privacy violations. The little device is a security system for those worried about such events, given the fact that we increasingly live in the Internet of Things (IoT), a virtualized world. Its inventor is Israeli startup Dojo-Labs, whose members’ background is in government intelligence.


The Dojo basically monitors the wireless networks in your “smart home” by collecting metadata from all devices, looking out for and alerting you to suspicious activity such as hacking attempts, malware or viruses. It will inform you via its app by sending a text message to your phone so you can respond.


The cyber security gadget looks like a river rock or pet rock with a pulsating circle on its surface. White means everything is safe. Orange indicates a threat. It comes with a partner, a white box you need to plug in so it can connect with Dojo-Lab’s remote servers.


The idea is to protect your house from folks trying to remotely dismantle your physical home security system, steal your personal data via your baby monitor, TV, or smart lights.


Dojo is available for pre-order from Amazon for $99 and will ship in March of 2016.