sleek aluminum align pen

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The humble pen just got a little more stylish. London design group Beyond Object re-thought the boring, uninspired form factor of the ink pen, making it into a sophisticated object with a novel operating mechanism.

offset ink pen align

The minimalist Align pen is composed of three sections. When not being used, the middle section is offset from the rest of the body. When you want to use it, you twist the middle section so it’s in line with the lower part of the body. It pivots so the lower and middle sections are straight, and the top section is offset.

Based on intuitive movements and high quality, the Align pen is a departure from the throwaway versions most of us use every day. The body is lightweight aluminum, making it durable, beautiful and affordable.

align pen hidden clip

It’s just human nature to want to play with something that looks out of order, so the twisting motion seems like something that we would do without even thinking about it. The hidden clip completes the sleek design and makes a pen that looks like the high-end super-fancy ones, but – according to the designers – will come without the massive price tag.