It’s never a bad time to revamp your living spaces, but some times are better than others. The spring and summer months are undoubtedly the best times of year to give your domestic furniture a facelift, of course, especially if you’re planning on selling. After all, the abundance of natural light during these times makes your house look appealing and inviting, and a new set of lounge chairs and sofas can make a world of difference when it comes to letting your interiors shine. Even if you’re not planning on scaling up or sizing down, there’s no denying the fact that April onwards sees the launch of many furniture designers’ stunning spring and summer collections. So why not draw a little inspiration from it all?

One of the most exciting spring and summer collections to launch this year comes from the New York-based Dmitriy & Co. This proud name in elegant furniture design has had a long history, which, according to its official website, “can be traced back to Lower East Side New York, where a mastery of handcraft furniture-making was hard-earned over three generations. For Dmitriy & Co, the making itself has always served as both a vehicle of artistic expression and an ancient trade that remains embedded in our very being — for us, the compulsion to design and produce by hand is an undeniable force of nature.”

Dmitriy & Co’s approach to furniture design combines age-old crafting traditions with contemporary thought processes. Each one of their pieces is made by hand, with handsewn upholstery, painstakingly jointed timbers, and seamlessly finished edges combining to achieve a precise and sophisticated result. The new collection boasts a number of these enviable pieces, including the unique Rainer Sofa, a dusky blue offering with a signature style and shape that sits well in any living room while proudly standing out in its own right. A lot of this individuality can be attributed to the trestle motif on the couch’s exposed timber arm frames and supports, which themselves are made from Silverwash-finished walnut. For spaces that are ideal for tranquil reflection, the collection’s Masson Daybed makes the perfect addition. This cream chaise lounge has a beautiful asymmetry to it, with the luxurious finish of its upholstery perfectly complementing its regal bronze feet.

The Masson Sofa is executed in a dark powder blue and also incorporates bronze feet in a darkened finish. The effect here is one of dark evenings and late nights, contrasting the sunlit pleasures of the daybed. A complementary piece to this could be the Belgard Swivel Lounge Chair: a standalone armchair that can be angled any way so as to face into or out of a seating arrangement. Its powder blue seat and cushions contrast with the dark blue of the Masson Sofa, but both pieces are still capable of sitting in harmony with one another.

If you’re trying to make a really strong statement, consider the Dahlem Sofa, whose Greek curves are reminiscent of an Ionic column.This piece’s rolled arms and back conjure up days gone by, when lounging about in the sitting rooms was the only way to spend a summer evening.