topographic 3d CNC wood table
These days, you can make almost anything with the right tools. The question then shifts from one of possibility to one of choice – not ‘can’ but ‘should’ we build it? This table by anOtherArchitect seeks to answer this call with actions that are much louder than words.
topographic cnc 4 point table
Combining craft, art, design and technology, one architect has created a table full of rich abstract topography that shows one direction of amazing potential with respect to computer-programmed CNC milling. The particular forms cut into the wooden surface happen to represent a computerized conversion of the ambient sounds of noise-polluted Cairo, Egypt – but the source is almost irrelevant as the curved aesthetic seems to ‘speak’ (no pun intended) for itself.
topographic 3d art project table

As fascinating as the complex landscape is, the joinery of the table top and its stand is perhaps the most impressive use of the technology employed – the exact inverse pattern was cut into the top of the pedestal part so that the underside of the table can slot smoothly into place above it. Crafting something that precise by hand would be nearly impossible.