Pets can take a real toll on a home’s decor. As much as we love our furry friends, between shedding, battered toys, tracked-in dirt, and unsightly litter boxes, they do have a way of dampening your dreams of being the next Martha Stewart. And curious critters’ quests to find the perfect patch of sunlight can spell disaster for your favorite vase or centerpiece.
Window perches allow you to seamlessly integrate your pet’s natural inclinations for sun-gazing into your home’s look book. And it’s not necessary to chase down a fancy apparatus online or at a pet store—creating your own is simple and cheap, and you can do it using just a few items picked up from a hardware store. If you know how to operate a drill, you can have one built and ready in less than an afternoon.
Sometimes the simplest way really is the best way. A wooden tray, a few shelf brackets, and some screws are all that’s needed to assemble a sweet, sweat-free roost for Fluffy. Dress it up using a vintage tray and upholstery foam covered in a pet-friendly outdoor fabric.
With a little planning, a pet refuge can double as a stylish wall accent. Households struggling to fulfill the demands of multiple cats will appreciate these abstractionist feline shelves, that look like they came straight out of the MoMA. This one is made with pre-cut shelving and wall anchors, and covered with kicky carpet squares. Just make sure to choose anchors that can withstand kitty’s weight and then some—around 50 pounds is good.
We haven’t forgotten about you, dog people! A homemade window seat with built-in storage lets your pups have their day in the sun without ruining the furniture. High-quality plywood and a DIY cushion keep this project affordable, while the bright paint job and seagrass baskets elevate the look past Home Woodworking 101. The pattern can be found here.

Window perches are for the birds—literally! While many parrot stands are nothing to write home about, aesthetically-speaking, we love the idea of using flexible plumbing pipe wound with sisal or jute rope to create a pleasing sanctuary for your feathered friends. And for those counting their pennies, hula hoops make a great, affordable alternative to piping. Learn how to do it all here. With pet perches this attractive, you won’t be flying the coop anytime soon.
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