DIY tile patterns

Create your own DIY tile pattern that’s anywhere from a perfectly symmetrical geometric design to a chaotic maze of your own creation with a fun interactive product called ‘Roll.’ You might not think a simple hexagonal tile printed with a line down the center and two semi-circles on either side could be the basis for virtually limitless design variations, but the creators have switched it up in all different ways to show just how versatile it really is.

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roll tile 2
DIY tile design

Dreamed up by design studio Dsignio for Peronda Fashion Lab, Roll can be used to create graphic designs in a range of color combinations, from muted blue and gray to a cheerful citron accented by crisp white. The possible patterns include zig-zags, organic-looking waves, lines and circles, traditional striped effects and results with a hint of the psychedelic.

roll tile 4
roll tile 5
roll tile 6

Feeling artistic? You could even use the tiles like puzzle pieces to find the suggestions of larger and more intricate shapes, or allow the patterns to morph throughout the room.