Passing through the piping section of a hardware store it is hard not to notice the amazing array of PVC pipes that come in all shapes and sizes, black or white, and with branches, joints and intersections that inspire that do-it-yourself artist inside us all (Photos by Fred Dumur).

Durable by design and naturally decorated (at least by modern minimalist standards) with rims, rings, curves and solid colors – and complete with openings in multiple places – a piece of pipe is a natural choice for use as a decorative home object like a flower vase.

This so-called Pretty Vase Collection by Francois Xavier Ballery for Domeau & Peres is clearly a play on the industrial (non-pretty) nature of the constituent pieces, colorfully converted to new use for furnishing the middle- and upper-class homes of aesthetic eccentrics looking for the latest household trend. Of course, instead of buying the designer version you could probably make your own variant for much much cheaper.