FX Ballery pretty vases pinks

Passing through the piping section of a hardware store, it’s hard not to notice the amazing array of PVC pipes that come in all shapes and sizes, black or white, and with branches, joints and intersections that inspire that do-it-yourself artist inside us all. What could they become, if we thought about it really hard?

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FX Ballery pretty vases close up

Durable by design and naturally decorated (at least by modern minimalist standards) with rims, rings, curves and solid colors – and complete with openings in multiple places – a piece of pipe is a natural choice for use as a decorative home object like a flower vase.

FX Ballery pretty vases PVC pipe

This so-called Pretty Vase Collection by Francois Xavier Ballery for Domeau & Peres is clearly a play on the industrial (non-pretty) nature of the constituent pieces, colorfully converted to new use for furnishing the middle- and upper-class homes of aesthetic eccentrics looking for the latest household trend.

Of course, instead of buying the designer version you could probably make your own variant for much much cheaper. That is, if you’re particularly creative and handy. Let’s face it, most of our efforts to replicate something like this would come out resembling a preschool craft project.

FX Ballery pretty vases greens

From Domeau & Peres:

“Domeau & Pérès collaborates with FX Balléry to launch a unique collection of vases available in several shapes. FX Balléry chose these sections of PVC pipe and was inspired by construction games by diverting the object from its primary function.”

“According to FX Balléry “This collection of vases is the perfect illustration of the human adventure between Domeau & Pérès and myself”. It is a spontaneous object, unexpected like a micro architecture composed from industrial materials and which reveals a new version of DIY: Ultra modern, the “Pretty Vases Collection” are lacquered objects, which can be matched as desired. his desires. The useful becomes beautiful, and durable ….”

(Photos by Fred Dumur)