What if you could make your dress reflect your mood or tastes of the moment, redesigning the colors and patterns from scratch each time you wore it? Best of all, such a simple idea could be extended to all kinds of clothing with equally compelling effects.

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The idea is as simple as the execution: colored markers are placed in small stitched pockets dotting the dress design from top to bottom. These are allowed to bleed into the material, creating circular spots of color as they do. The wearer can stick to one color scheme between washes then start all over again and create a new design each time they do wash their clothes. Fernando Brizio has, in short, handed the power over to the consumer to have a custom dress with each and every wear.

As these highly varied examples show, there are limitations with the types of patterns one can create – but within that there is a good deal of room for recreating the design each time. While circles of color are a must for each iteration one can not only choose different colors but can also vary what order these colors go in, how much of the dress is colored and so forth.