Cheap, easy and playful, wall stickers can be a simple way to add some life to otherwise dull white walls – but they are also easy decor to overdo. ?Kid-friendly but cool enough for adults too, these cut-out shapes combine small scissors and dotted lines you can bend and twist along the wall and around doors, windows, fixtures or furnishings.

In a way, these are a bit like fridge poetry but better – they invite interaction, personalization and design exploration more than predefined, mural-style decorative wall stickers featuring Disney characters, jungle, flower or butterfly themes (though these are still handy for a nursery wall perhaps). Not high art, these customizable cut-outs facilitate at least bit of DIY-style fun.

Like any good vinyl decals, these simple all-black sets by Ferm Living are advertised as easily removable and reusable. And they play well with others: you could sketch out dotted lines around existing Winnie the Pooh or polka dot window clings to make them a bit more interesting (and less permanent-seeming).

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And really, there is no reason to limit yourself to interior design – take these out on the town and you could really entertain the public (or at least yourself) by adding these to other surfaces (with permission, of course!) outside the home. What would you do with 33 feet of dotted line and four pairs of scissors?