During a recession we want everything we do to be cheaper and easier – projects cannot take the place of work (or of finding a job) but no one wants to sacrifice style for convenience either. This clever do-it-yourself concrete clothing hanger is a great blend of easy-to-make, cheap materials and innovative look.


While frustrated by constantly-breaking coat hooks and simultaneously working on an unrelated project to fill light bulbs with concrete for artistic purposes, well, it is clear what happened next: the idea to fuse these two make-it-yourself projects into one cleverly functional idea.


The process and plans are pretty simple – undo the bottom of the bulb, fill it with concrete, add a lag bolt and seal it back up. After it dries, crack the glass and screw it into the wall. The result is durable and visually engaging though somewhat eccentric and industrial as well.


If you like the design but don’t want to go to the trouble of making one yourself, the project’s designer also has them available for sale online.