custom diy furniture design
This kind of thing seems to be the inevitable next step in modular design: cheap wood furniture that, like something from IKEA, is inexpensive, portable and easy to assemble but instead of coming with fixed plans it lends itself to custom crafted creations, from storage and shelving units to tables, desks chairs and stools made out of small multifunctional pieces and parts.
custom diy desk ladder
custom diy wood craft
custom wood modular furniture

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From a set of 13 pieces, designer Rodrigo Valdivielso estimates that about thirty standard objects can be easily made – all without the need for metal screws, joints, hinges or other permanent hardware. This has the natural dual benefit of making it possible just to buy the parts you want or need while also being able to convert the furniture to new uses over time and making it all the more user-friendly and useful for do-it-yourself designers.