Achkov stack bar stool

Like an anatomy lesson played out with inanimate objects, this museum exhibit bridges that fine gap between art and design. Bulgarian artist Konstantin Achkov is intentional in his choice of displays, creating patterns that can be appreciated as stand-alone pieces but that also challenge the viewer to try and mentally assemble them into a greater whole.

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Achkov KoKo chair
Achkov frame chair

Each dark furniture object is matched with light elements on a dark board – if anything, one might wish that they were not set right next to each other, so that visitors to the gallery might have to guess which flat works matched which physical objects. The compositions are all creative in their own right, creating graphic art out of the components of practical objects.

Achkov fangs chair

If these pieces catch your fancy, there’s a lot more where they came from. Achkov sells his work through LOCK Furniture, a studio he co-founded, and there’s an awesome array of interlocking puzzle-like pieces you can purchase. They start as small as pencil cases and wine bottle stands, all the way up to full size dining tables.

LOCK puzzle piece furniture
LOCK furniture

LOCK product is a piece of engineering art in interlocking flat-pack systems. Every product is the result of a long standing research and development of the puzzle concept in mortise and tenon. The design of products is created by sculptor/designer Konstantin Achkov.”

LOCK furniture arch table

LOCK is a company for product design and flat-pack furniture manufacturing. Specialized in interlocking systems and puzzle structures we use mainly high quality calibrated beech plywood for our production. All the products come as a result of long term development and prototyping. The furniture is produced mainly by CNC routing and come from one sheet calibrated beech plywood. The process of production is ecological and we always aim for zero waste production. The products are offered in a flat-pack with assembling instructions.”