One step forward, or two steps back? It is tempting to be dazzled by new designs that make use of old objects … but sometimes they end up promoting the use of things that perhaps should not be used in the first place, and, in turn, perpetuate their further production. A vicious cycle that accidentally celebrates objects (ideally) at or near the end of their life cycles.

This could be said for an outwardly clever idea like the Aqua Jar from GR lab. On the surface, it seems like a great way to make an everyday household item more user-friendly, adaptable and maybe even reusable. But why? What purpose does it serve that an actual pitcher does not – and does it save enough space, even, to warrant displacing a more conventional pouring-and-serving solution?

Well, if people are going to keep buying disposable water bottles anyway, one could suppose there is no point in not making them more handy. And for people who want something trendy and different, it would at least be a conversation piece. Still, in a subtle way, there is little room in the future (or landfills) for such things over the long term. Waste not, want not.