displate wall hangingsYou know what they say: a paper poster will rip or fade, but metal holds its shine forever. No? Okay, we may be making that up. The design team at Displate would certainly approve of the saying, though.

They bring together more than a thousand artists from all over the world to contribute their work to create Displates—metal artwork than you can hang with pride in your home, office or dorm room. The artists get not only financial support, but also an audience for their work through Displates.

displate wall hangingsdisplate wall hangingsWhen you browse the Displate collections, you’ll see that the artwork runs the gamut from “Muppet Watercolor” to “Temples of Cambodia” to “Music Legends” and “Game of Thrones.” Be careful: you can easily get lost in there.

There are black-and-white line pictures, city skyline photographs, typographical illustrations and inspirational sayings. Love a particular movie star? You might find their likeness on a Displate. Sports heroes are also covered, as well as fairies and aliens. (Yes, this is equal-opportunity art.)displate wall hangings

Each Displate is signed on the back by the “master of production” and has its own unique number and a hologram, which will impress a giftee, too.

You can even—wait for it—order a Displate with your own likeness on it. Or, you know, your family and friends, if you’re willing to share the spotlight. We see a whole cat and dog gallery option on the horizon, too…displate wall hangingsblue pallette displate wall hangingsAnother cool option? A color theme. Check out this Blue palette, which the Displates editors love:

“Blue is reliable and responsible. It exhibits an inner security and confidence. This is a color that seeks peace and tranquility above everything else, promoting both physical and mental relaxation. It reduces stress, creating a sense of calmness and order.” Sold!displate wall hangingsEach 17.7-inch by 12.6-inch steel picture comes with a magnetic hanging system, so there’s no DIY wall-breaking required, and minimal cussin’ (hopefully). In fact, the company says it should take you just 20 seconds to hang one of its Displates.

The hanging system really comes into its own if you decide to go for a themed wall— perhaps a selection of poster-style movie Displates for your family room or food- and drink-related pictures to brighten up your kitchen. It’s totally up to you. How you hang your Displates makes you a part of the artistic team. If you don’t like the order you chose for them, switch ’em up.

We have been known to change our minds once in a while, so popping Displates on and off and rearranging appeals to our flighty nature. (While the sturdy metal plates weigh about 2 pounds each, the magnet hanging system is up to the task.)displate wall hangingsThe Displate team is not only concerned with making your home environment beautiful. The company plants 10 trees for every Displate you buy.

“We feel responsible for our surroundings and want to make a positive impact on the world. At the local level—by making your walls unique—and at the global level, by reducing the ecological footprint,” they explain.

The company has partnered with Trees for the Future, and so far has planted almost one and a half million trees.