If some of our favorite Disney princesses got transported to the 21st century, what would their homes look like? “If you took away the magic and gave them a mortgage” mused money.co.uk Mortgage Editor Nisha Vaidya, how would they live in the real world? With the help of some interior designers, she came up with an impressive group of modern-day digs for several iconic characters.

Ariel’s Abode

Of course, the royal mermaid would need an underwater home, so Vaidya and her team created a bedroom for the princess with a glass dome ceiling for spectacular views of the ocean floor. The furnishings are bright and playful, including a clamshell bed with its own attached light. All of Ariel’s favorite gadgets and gizmos are proudly displayed in another part of the room, and that scalloped armchair is perfect for when she wants to read all about being part of another world.

Elsa’s Element

The snow queen would definitely keep a home in the winter mountains, and this sleek, modern room would undoubtedly give her breathtaking views of the outdoors (that wall of glass might wreak havoc on her heating bill, though!). The acrylic stairs here look like they could be made out of ice, and the frosty blue floors echo the princess’s unmistakable wardrobe choices. The furnishings are minimal, with just a powder white sofa and alabaster grand piano adding weight to the room. The decorative pearly coat rack provides a space for Elsa’s damp mittens to dry out after a hard day on the slopes.

Jasmine’s Jewel-Toned Pad

This independent-minded princess gets a luxurious retreat filled with deep, rich colors and silky fabrics. Her platform bed is framed by a multi-foiled arch while the window shapes mimic the onion-dome architecture of famous desert palaces. Lush greenery livens up the space, while Jasmine’s powerful feline friend Raja gets a place of honor with his own comfy cushion at the foot of the bed. An intricate Persian rug and Moroccan lanterns add further flair to this fantasy bedroom.

Sleeping Beauty’s Boudoir

For the princess who can never catch enough zzz’s, this bedroom in blush should help her meet her prince once upon a dream all over again. It’s pink and girly and includes everything Aurora needs to get her beauty rest. The elegant four-poster bed brings in the medieval chic while the Rococo vanity and chair give the room a regal air. And even though this royal might prefer to sleep the day away, the oversized window lets in plenty of natural light to help her rise on time. If that’s not enough, she also has a handy alarm clock on the bedside table and a songbird in a delicate cage as backups.

Snow White’s Chateau

Always entertaining her seven friends, Snow White’s space would naturally need lots of seating and elbow room. This spacious cabin maintains the rustic feel of her original woodland home while adding in some fancier touches befitting a princess. The primary color scheme is muted to keep things posh, and the massive stone and wood-trimmed fireplace will provide plenty of warmth when Snow White hears her dwarf friends start singing “Heigh Ho.” The glamorous lighting fixture, candlesticks, and ornate mirror also help create cozy ambience for her merry gatherings.

Hopefully Disney princesses would still have a royal salary in real life, because these luxurious domiciles would not be cheap. They would, however, keep these leading ladies living in style.