bench 01

In a wood mill, the first cut of a tree is called the “misfit” because it is irregularly shaped and useless for the millers’ purposes. Because of this, the misfits are usually discarded. A team of designers questioned the need to throw away those sections of wood.

bench made from discarded lumber

Designers Jessye Grundlingh, Nicholas Koppelaar, and Andrew Kroetsch – collectively known as Cradle – collaborated to create Bench-01, a seat which uses the discarded first cut from a maple tree.

back of bench

bench 01 by cradle

The wood was only minimally altered in order to adapt it to this use. The steel frame, including a back and a handy coat hanger, was built within a matter of hours. After that, it was just a matter of putting the pieces together.

discarded wood turned into bench

steel and wood bench

Bench-01 is a study in the usefulness of otherwise-discarded materials. It leads us all to question whether the things we consider trash are actually valuable materials just waiting for someone to give them a new purpose.