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Watching what we eat is important for many reasons, whether it’s to monitor food intake to manage a chronic illness or to lose weight and stay healthy. Now, an invention that a French couple pioneered to help their nine-year-old daughter when she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes is available for everyone.

“It is a dream come true for our family, our company, and the thousands of friends and colleagues from the diabetes community who have been waiting for this day,” says Astrid Bonnasse, parent and co-founder of DietSensor.

DietSensor is an Android and Apple app that works by itself or in tandem with the innovative pocket-size SCiO scanner, a hand-held device that you can use to collect information on your food. The scanner uses near infrared spectroscopy to analyze the molecular make-up of meat, fish, bread, dairy, and up to 80 other food types, then converts it into chemical and nutritional info. Don’t worry, though. The results are easy to understand and not loaded with science-speak. The detailed analysis helps you learn more about what’s actually in the food on your plate, such as how many calories it contains, its main nutrients and more, so you can make a more informed choice at mealtime. The information from the scanner is relayed to the app via Bluetooth.

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If you’re concerned about accurate portion sizes as well, you will soon be able to connect DietSensor to an optional Bluetooth digital scale that weighs your food before logging the data in the app.

Remy Bonnasse, CEO and co-founder of DietSensor, says, “Whether users plan to use DietSensor to monitor diabetes, lose weight, improve general fitness, or are simply curious to know what exactly they are putting into their body, we expect the simple and intuitive technology to quickly become part of their daily regimen.”

You can also record your food and drink in the app by scanning a product’s bar code to pull in the nutritional data and search for any type of food in the app’s integrated nutritional database, which boasts more than 600,000 items from 19 countries in 12 languages. (Hey, you could learn another language at the same time!)

“Users can also add favorite foods to their own photo gallery, making carb counting and food logging much easier and far less tedious,” add the app’s designers.

Once you have created your personal profile, the DietSensor app develops a nutritional plan customized to your needs and goals (controlling diabetes or losing weight, for example, or reducing your cholesterol level). The app lets you track all fats, proteins and carbohydrates, then it gives you suggestions and advice on your food choices and portion sizes based on your goals and what you actually ate and drank that day. In other words, you’re held accountable and encouraged to improve.

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Of course food and nutrition are just one part of a healthy lifestyle. DietSensor also connects to fitness apps that you may already use, such as Fitbit, Jawbone, and Runkeeper, giving a more comprehensive and accurate overall picture of your health and fitness.