mute button 3

Have you ever wished there was some kind of magic mute button you could press that would silence all Facebook notifications, non-essential emails, Twitter mentions and texts from people you don’t need to talk to right away? Believe it or not, such a thing actually exists, and it’ll also help you be more productive by tracking your work habits and helping you find your optimal work rhythm. The Saent productivity device is literally a big white button that sits on your desk, ready to help you resist distractions long enough to get things done.

mute button 1

The idea isn’t to completely cut these things out of your work day, but rather keep you on track for a certain block of time and then give you structured five-minute breaks to tweet your heart out, or whatever else it is you’d like to do. You pre-set it to block certain distractions and lock you into the websites and apps you need to complete your tasks. That way, you won’t be tempted to switch tabs long enough to glance at Pinterest, and then lose track of time.

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Work in 30, 50 or 90-minute blocks and take breaks to keep your brain agile. The Saent program keeps track of how much you get done during those periods, generating reports on the length, time and frequency of your most successful works sessions. This will give you an idea of your natural rhythm. There’s also a reward system that gives you points for each ten-minute block of focused work you’ve finished, allowing you to compete with colleagues and friends.

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The button sitting on your desk is also a visual cue that reminds you to stay on track, and when it’s illuminated, it lets your coworkers know you’re focused and shouldn’t be disturbed. The device, software and additional perks are currently available on IndieGoGo when you become a backer of the product.