wear rain pants back

Cycling or walking to work always sounds like a great idea on a balmy, sunny day. But when it’s blowing up a storm and raining cats and dogs? Not so much.

Cue the Legs Jacket by VEAR, rain pants that are windproof, waterproof, breathable and lightweight. VEAR, a company based in Denmark, decided it was high time to offer commuters a high-tech solution to the wet pants problem — and a stylish solution, to boot.

“Rain is the number-one reason people cycle less,” says VEAR cofounder Valentin Nicoară. “We saw a need for high-performance rain pants with contemporary stylish design for cyclists and walkers who need to stay dry and comfortable during their commutes.”

Nicoară and his staff live, work and commute in Denmark, which is very bike-friendly but also has a reputation for sudden rain showers blowing in and catching people off-guard. Nicoară says his rain pants “are easy to get in and out of, and lightweight, compact and easy to carry, just in case an unexpected rain shower comes along.” They fold up into their own back pocket so you can stow them behind your bike seat, too.

compact rain pants pouch

While the Legs Jacket does offer style, its practical elements are obviously front and center, including thoughtful design features that make life easier and more comfortable for people who self-propel to work each day. We particularly love the fact that you can put the pants on in seconds before you leave home in the morning and then whip them off with a quick “Ta-da!” at the office to impress your lazy co-workers. You can even keep your shoes on!

The pants are, of course, waterproof, but the breathable fabric means sweat can evaporate so the wearer is more comfortable and pleasant to be around. The fabric also protects legs from windy gusts and gales as you travel. An adjustable waistband gives plenty of room for a hearty lunch or tucking in layers of clothes in the winter, and the Legs Jacket comes with removable shoe protectors as well.

waterproof rain pants

rain pants functionality

Of course, commuting is just one use for these pants. They are great for play, too, and look smart for occasions like work meetings on the golf course. “Legs Jacket pants can also be used for golf, mountain biking, hiking, motorcycling or pretty much any rainy outdoors activity,” the VEAR team stress.

One cool feature that bikers and hikers in particular will love is the clever reflective material that looks like an unobtrusive classy black during the day, but springs to visual life at night, giving all-around reflective visibility for safety. The secret? Tiny glass beads that reflect light when it shines on them in the dark.

The Legs Jacket rain pants come in two versions: budget buyers can plonk down their cash for the standard pair while those with more of a high-end budget can opt for high-performance pants made with German Sympatex fabric. And sustainability and durability also go hand-in-hand at VEAR. The company says its pants are designed to last a lifetime (they are reinforced at stress points, for example), and they promise that if you tire of them, you can send the pants back and they will recycle or refurbish them and give you a discount on your next purchase.