molten lava
Light bulbs more or less fade into the background when it comes to home decorating; they illuminate your designer light fixtures but they themselves are quite plain and boring. Japanese LED lighting site Only 1 revealed a line of textured and shaped light bulbs that are anything but boring.
The line includes several unexpected shapes such as the spiky dragonfruit and several varieties of icicle: covered in thorns, filled with cracks, and stylized straight + smooth.
The Grapes bulb resembles a bunch of glass grapes illuminated from the inside, and the three sizes of Straight bulbs are simple, modern lighted tubes. Each unique shape was created by an artisan who carefully chose his or her design to fit best in  a specific type of lighting environment. The Molten Lava bulb (top image) looks best when it’s set on a flat surface so it can truly live up to its title.
block of ice

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The entire Biei collection is full of artistic and novel ways to look at lighting. While most of us wouldn’t enjoy seeing a bare LED light bulb on its own, the unusual shapes of these bulbs might actually make you think twice about covering them up with a fancy light fixture.