Sets & Series

IKEA Reassembled: Furniture Series Ignores Instructions
Mobile Foundry Gives Recyclers a Creative Income Stream
Skateboard Furnishings Add a Sporty Edge to Any Home
Reclaimed Abandoned Materials Get a Loving Makeover
Sweet Furniture: Candy-Inspired Home Furnishing Series
Range of Chairs: TV Show Seat Set Inspired by Mountains
Pampered Pets: Classy Furniture for Discerning Dogs + Cats
In a Box: Furnishings Unfold From Tiny Containers
About Face: Favorite Fonts Turned Into Modern Furniture
Friendly Furniture with a Face: Whimsical Storage Series
Double-Duty Dog Accessories Fold + Bend Into New Shapes
Geek Chic: Space Invader Couch and Donkey Kong Shelves
Patch Project: Joint Kit Lets You Build Your Own Furniture
Tessellating Black Blocks Create Free-Form Furniture
Reflective Furniture Becomes Nearly Invisible in a Room
Organic Modern Furniture Made Digitally on Demand