New Materials

Salt House: Sustainable, Semi-Transparent 3D-Printed Structure
Pages of Change: Revolutionary Book Provides Clean Water
Brilliant Milk + Cookie Cups May Change Snack Time Forever
Hardwood Flooring Purifies Your Air, Beautifies Your Home
Water-Repelling Shirt Fabric Laughs in The Face of Moisture
Self-Cleaning Dishes Never Need a Dishwasher or a Sponge
Recycled Snap-Together Tiles Make for a Safer Bike Lane
Bright Blue Snail Poo: Excrement Used to Make Tiles
Glowing Starpath Uses Solar Energy to Brighten the Night
Free-Form Plastic Manufacturing Yields Spontaneous Shapes
Bird Brick: Modular Birdhouse Nests in New & Existing Walls
Modern Seaweed House Inspired by Traditional Techniques
Nature-Loving Bricks Bring Wildlife Straight to Your Walls
Next-Gen Concrete Will Make Buildings That Last 16K Years
Fast Fungi Bricks: Mushroom Blocks Better than Concrete?!
Graceful Gradient: Floral Pattern Gradually Fades to Black