Various Rooms

Spanish Stone Farmhouse Gets a Contemporary New Heart
Fun + Sun: London Townhome Filled With Character + Light
Four-Story Home With Functional Transparent-Walled Atrium
Tiered Reading Room is a Paradise of Literature + Relaxing
Living Container: Flexible, Adaptable and Open Interiors
Remodeled House Has Insanely Fun Cat-Centric Interior
Bright Colors and Creativity Define a Play Space for Children
Pop-Up Plastic Pods Add Some Summer to the Bleak Months
From Warehouse to Wonderful: Double-Duty London Home
Worker’s Cottage to Wonderland: Gorgeous Interior Rehab
Terraced Townhouse: Open-Plan, Platform-Based Rebuild
Inside-Out Brazilian House Brings the Sunny Outdoors In
Plywood Accents Show Potential of Undervalued Material
Additive Refab: Old House Infilled with Minimalist Modules
House Dedicated to Reuse Grows Like a Living Organism
Privacy Contrasts with Startling Openness in Thai House