Stairs & Cases

20,000-Brick LEGO Staircase in Upscale Manhattan Condo
Stairs or Slide? Sweet Ride Connects Two Penthouse Condos
Historic Walls Contain a Delightful Modern Portuguese Home
Concrete & Metal Stairs Breath New Life into Old Row House
Stepping Stones: Smooth-Polished Concrete Spiral Staircase
Stair into Space: 5 Custom Under-Staircase Storage Systems
Ascending Retreat: Under-Stairs Lounge & Reading Space
Swiss Cheesed: Playfully Suspended & Perforated Staircase
Spinal Staircases: Bespoke Metal & Glass Inspired by Bone
Squared Spiral: Winding Modern Staircase Floats on Light
Eclectic Core: Spiral Staircase Suspended Inside Light Well
Banister? Better! Steel Mesh Replaces Railing on Loft Stairs
Steel Stairs Add an Abstract Twist to a Vintage Stone Villa
Hover Home: 3 Unique Floating Staircases Under One Roof
DIY LED Steps: Motion-Sensing Staircase Illuminates Itself
321, GO!!! Slide 3 Stories Down 2 Sides of a 1-Family Home