Stairs & Cases

Musical Stairs: Playable Harp Strings in Place of Bannisters
Jenga-Style Steps: Giant Spiral Stairs Made of Wood Blocks
Over the Top Drama: Spiral Staircase in London Home
Geometric Staircase Perforated with 12,000 Shots of Water
Minimalist Black Metal Staircase Stands Out in White Room
Magnificent Staircase is Also a Slide, Bookcase + Cinema
Slotwork Staircase: Prefab Fiberglass Steps Slip into Place
Central Spiral Staircase Has 6000-Book Shelving Capacity
Spinal Staircase: Bare-Bones Steps Inspired by Vertebrae
Midcentury Modern Home Features Spiraling Exterior Stairs
Artistic Iron Handrails for Ultimate Home Personalization
Epic Trilogy: Bookcase Spans 3 Levels of Renovated Loft
Spin Factor: Stunning Spiral Staircase Reaches for the Sky
Shelf-Style Staircase Design Screams for Stacks of Books
Forget Doggie Doors: Home Remodel Has Canine Staircase
Light Rail: LED Hand Railings to Safely Light Up Staircases