Industrial Design

Literary Teas Give You a Taste of Your Favorite Classic Books
Stick-Lets: Flexible Fasteners Made for Kids Building Forts
Cute Turns Creepy: Pet Candles Melt into Metal Skeletons
Space Saving LEGO-Like Toiletry Bottles Stack Up Nicely
Eco-Friendly Recycled Pencils Leave Behind Cheery Shavings
In House: A Dining Set Made of Ordinary Household Items
Elegant One-Handed Tape Dispenser Refines Wrapping
Where are Your Keys? These Metal Lasso Pointers Can Help
Drop the Drips: Ingenious Mug Kills the Awful Coffee Ring
Smart Dog Leash Carries Everything You Need for Walkies
Hot Water Turns This Food Parcel Into a Meal-Ready Bowl
Brilliant Folding Wheel Rolls in a Wheelchair Revolution
One-Handed Clothes Hanger is a Quirky Product Redesign
Triangular Notebook folds Neatly Out into Square Shape
Wild Ones: Gentler Pocket Knife Has Animals, Not Blades
How to Simply Feel Better: Pared-Down Medicine Packaging