Industrial Design

Don’t Panic! 4 Innocuous Objects With Disaster-Ready Functions
S’mores Pencil is Reminiscent of Summer Camping Fun
Prevent Picture Puncture: The Clever Hole-Free Pushpin
Design that Sticks: Safer Desktop Sticky Tape Dispenser
Clever Bathroom Faucet Doubles as a Drinking Fountain
Shape-Shifting Bandage Adapts to Different Hand Injuries
Rest, Easy: One-Legged Seat Lets You Relax Anytime, Anywhere
Simplici-tea: The Electric Tea Kettle, Completely Redefined
Beer Tree: Sculptural Gravity-Fed Home Brewing Kit
Serve, then Swish: Beer Carrier Has 2nd Life as a Frisbee
Junk Press: Mold Turns Mail into Pretty Paper Objects
Exquisite Spinning Engagement Ring Box Fits in Your Wallet
Beautiful Handheld Object is Multi-Sensory Anxiety Relief
Genius Knife Softens the Butter to Prevent Ripped Bread
Flexible Pot Expands to Accommodate Growing Houseplants
Calming Tea Bags Let You Watch Your Stress Melt Away