Slot Sofa: Compact Modular Couch Contains Table & Chairs
Flip, Stack and Connect: Creative Custom Furniture Set
Pretty, Portable: Cute 3-Piece Convertible Furniture Series
Light & Elegant: Minimalist Wall-Hanging Modular Furniture
Cube Six: Wooden Box Unfolds into Instant Spare Stools
Liftoff! DIY Coffee Table With Extending Laptop-Holding Top
Sliced & Spliced: Pair of Sofas Slide to Form Circular Bed
Indie Furniture: DIY Construction Made Accessible & Hip
Chair On Demand: Pressure-Activated Stool Flips into Action
As If From Nowhere: Bookcase Conceals 2 Tables, 4 Chairs
Small Space Furniture Piece is a Tiny Multipurpose Solution
Small Space Sleeper: Wardrobe Triples as Divider + Bed
Functional Origami: Double-Duty Living Room Component
8 Multi-Purpose Chairs Have 2 Modes & Combine into a Bed
All-in-One Adjustable Table Flips Up & Out, Lifts & Lowers
Treasure Trunks: Secret Furniture Inside 7 Shipping Crates