Storage & Shelves

Modular Wall Storage System is Totally Flapping Unique
Floating Stone: Zaha Hadid’s Cantilevered Granite Shelf
Smart Self-Closing Space-Saving Organizer Systems
Clever Kitchen Cabinet Hides Full-Size Washing Machine
Lightweight Floating Wall Storage Shelves Look Like Stone
Illusion Storage: Vase-Displaying Shelves Hide a Fun Secret
Kind Trophies: Repurposed Bike Parts Replace Dead Heads
Vertical Coat + Accessory Storage is Functional Modern Art
Minimalist Shelves Make Themselves Scarce When Unneeded
Accordion Shelves Go From Folded to Full-Size in No Time
Out of Stock: Simple & Easy-to-Assemble 3-Shelf Wall Set
Balancing the Books: Ingenious Reading List Reminders
Kaleidoscope Cabinet Multiplies Precious Possessions
Wood Box Storage Wall Keeps Micro Apartment Organized
Modular Shelving System Adapts to User’s Needs
Playful Shelving Doubles as a Kid-Sized Pin Press Toy