Heart-Shaped Carafe & Decanter Set is Somewhat Creepy
Undertone: Neat Dinnerware with a Subtle Decorative Twist
Dinner Party Without a Table = Better Guest Conversations?
Embedded Seeds + Used Chopsticks Grow Climbing Plants
Playfully Illustrated Placemats Teach Proper Table Manners
Intoxicating Design: Set of 7 Personality-Filled Wine Glasses
Happy Accidents: Tablecloth Turns Spills into Colorful Decor
Self-Seeding Coffee Set Supplants Would-Be Plastic Waste
Conversation Peace: Loose Marbles Stir in Formal Glassware
Modular Heat-Free Holders Help Carry Multiple Coffee Cups
Missing Link: Knife & Fork You Can Use as 2 Chopsticks Too
Curved Flatware? Bent Steel Transforms Simple Cutlery Set
Tableware Tripod: Interlocking Knife, Fork & Spoon Series
Origamic Ceramic: Paper-Style Ceramic Plates, Bowls & Cups
Hold & Hide: Two Tea-Bag-Centric Ceramic Cups & Saucers
Reverse Funnels for Stylish Spill-Free Glass Serving Carafes