Odds & Ends

Simple Design Tweak Takes the Yuck Out of Kitchen Sinks
Honey, I’m Home: Modular Keychain Organization System
Playful Animal Footstools Keep Your Feet Warm + Friendly
Brilliant Paperweight Holds Open Pages While You Read
Tiny House-Shaped Planters Bring Green Roofs Indoors
Brilliant Candle Holder Keeps the Flame Burning All Night
Simple Desktop Magnet Holds Your Charging Cables in Place
Wood You Take a Message? Memo Pad is a Faux Wood Block
Stretchy Modern Fruit Bowl Holds Whatever You Need it To
Fun Office Storage Trays Do Away With Useless Bottoms
Mini Doors and Shoji Screens Hide Ugly Power Outlets
Modular Kitty Playground Gives Cats a Whole Room of Fun
It’s LEGO’Clock: Wall Calendar Made Entirely of LEGO Pieces
Building Set Takes Indoor Fort Construction to a New Level
Urban Aquaponics System Grows Food Indoors Year-Round
Out of Closets? Leaning Rack Hangs Clothes in Small Spaces