Lamps & Lights

Literalist Wall Lamps: Familiar Shapes via Light-Up Outlines
Flatpack Goes Electric: Stylish Fold-Out Cardboard Lamps
Make Your Own Lovely Modern Copper Hanging Light Fixture
Good for More Than Just Towers: Lamp Made of 7K LEGOs
Split Wood Lamps Create Beautiful Fusion of Tech + Nature
Peculiar Scale Lamp Measures Weight in Brightness of Light
Literal Book Light: Portable Lamp Unfolds Open Like Pages
Animated Animalia: Pop-Up Books Inspire Playful Wall Lights
Hands Up! Shadow Puppet Lamp Fills Room With Nostalgia
Good Night Lamp Connects You to Global Family & Friends
Green Lights: 2 Highly Unusual Nature-Embracing Lamps
Bending Brightness: 2 Unusually Flexible Office Desk Lamps
Glowing Grain: Real Wood Light Bulb Both Bright & Subtle
Your First Pet Lamp: Bug-Legged Desktop Illuminations
Lamp Peels Away Layers of Home to Reveal Mystical World
Levitating Lamps Blend Classic Style + High Tech Flair