Lamps & Lights

Beautified Tape Dispenser is Simply Two Interlocking Circles
Adjustable Hanging Lamp Displays Multiple Personalities
Unique Hand-Blown Glass Lamps Look Like Melting Ice
Stunningly Simple LED Lamp Casts its Own Silhouette Shade
Gorgeous Peg Lamp is an Exceptionally Minimalist Design
Illuminating Reading Material: Lamp Disguised as a Book
Real Decommissioned Weapons Turned Into Home Objects
Rocking Nightlight Switches On and Off With a Gentle Push
Balancing Act: Kitschy Lamp Clamps Onto Any Flat Surface
Magnetic Desk Lamp Goes Two Pieces for Illumination
Reclaimed Egg Cartons Get a Second Life as Lamps
Pod Lights: Standing Lamp Deploys Wireless Flashlights
Pencil Box Light: Little Desk Lamp Contains Creative Surprise
Pill-Shaped Lamp is the Prescription for Bedtime Reading
Sophisticated Table Lamp Lets You Take the Light With You
London Light: Heat-Reactive Lampshade Mimics Rising Sun