Lights & Mirrors

Suspended Snap Lamps: Endless Modular Lighting System
Spilling Glass: 5 Melted Wall Mirrors form Liquid Reflections
Hover Light: Hanging Table Lamp with Secret Wire Supports
Light Forest: Organic Ivy-Like Lamp System Climbs Ceilings
Angelic Architectural Lighting via Wall-Mounted LED Rings
Unbreakable Mirrors: Bullet-Proof Tiles for Bathroom Walls
Windowless Daylight: Fiber Optics Project Sun & Sky Inside
High-Tech Hybrid: Hanging Lights + Digital Photo Frames
Chandeliers Cubed: 3 Playful Ceiling Pendants & Wall Lamps
Truth in Vanity: ‘Magic’ Wall Mirror Reflects the Real You
Out-of-Control Home Lighting Could Swallow You Whole
100% Battery-Free, Human-Powered, Hand-Crank Eco Light
High-Tech Mirror: Touch-Screen Panel MP3 Player & Radio
100% Faux-Natural: 3000-LED Interior Daylighting Illusion
Modern Mood Lighting: 8 Works of Wall & Ceiling Light Art
Flat Light Bulb Idea: Compact Replacement for Round Bulbs