Lights & Mirrors

Pop-Up Corner Lamps Illuminate those Hard-to-Light Places
Half & Half: Recycled Bottles Turned into Lamps & Vases
Glassbulb Lamps: Fun & Festive Wineglass-Shaped Pendants
Multifaceted Mirror: Window Glass Fades to Reflective Glaze
Scraplights: Recycled Corrugated-Cardboard Ceiling Lamps
Sound Reflections: Wall Mirror Hides Hi-Tech Musical Secret
Plastic Chandeliers Use Complex Curves of Upcycled Bottles
Cumulus Chandelier: Whimsical Cloud-Shaped Pendant Lamp
Surveillance Chandelier: Spooky CCTV-Shaped Spotlights
Oh, Scheisse! Faux-Exploding Light Bulb is a Real Fake Blast
Balloon-Shaped Ceiling & Wall Lights are Playful & Practical
Kite Light: Suspended Diamond Lamps Soar Like Flying Kites
Blind Light: Faux Wall-Hung Daylight via LED Window Blinds
Fog-Free Reflections on a Bathroom-Mirror Shower Head
Natural Lighting: Metal Ceiling Lights Wrap Like Living Vines
Simple Sphere Transforms Bare Bulbs to Soft Ceiling Lights