Lights & Mirrors

Mirror Mirror On the Wall, Which Takes the Best Selfies of All
Breaking Bulbs: 3D-Printed Lamps Seem to Shatter
Water Fight! Recycled Bulbs Recall Hanging Water Balloons
Balls of Light Caught in Iron Cups = Modern Pendant Lamps
Illuminating Danger: Shark Lamp Lurks on Home Surfaces
High Wire Act: Lamp Cords Finally Take Center Stage
Skyline Lamp Shade: 3D Cityscape Wraps Round Light Bulb
Minimalist Bean Lamps Add a Bit of Quirk to Your Abode
Split Personality: Dual-Angled Mirror Works for Two at Once
Flexible LED Lamp Bends + Twists to Illuminate Your Space
Forms of Nature: Organic Chandelier Casts Forests on Walls
Fractured Reflections: Arty Mirrors Provide Alternate Visuals
Test-Tube Chandeliers for Hanging Lights, Colors & Plants
Surreal Chandelier Creates Indoor Clouds, Sunrises & More
Side-Storage Mirror: Drawers for Rings & Rack for Necklaces
Light Lens Installation Curves Beams Toward the Heavens