Installation Art

Cathedral of Light: Bent Beams Create Illusory Arches
House of Furniture Parts Provides Room Within a Room
Ping Pong Peculiar: 6 Extreme(ly Fun) Table Tennis Surfaces
Nature of Things: Norway Taken Over by Sentient Objects
Light + Space Retail Model Puts Spatial Relations to the Test
Informal Storage: Wood Slat Wall Inspired by Safari Vests
Furniture-Free Decor: Hand-Drawn Home Wallpaper Design
A Night at the Bookstore Illustrates the Magic of Books
Urban Art Meets Architecture: Suspended Cabin in the City
Dissected Designs: Puzzle-Piece Furniture Shows Off Parts
Unboring Advertising: Ikea’s Surprisingly Stylish Catalog Art
Sneak Peak: Urban Street Artist Paints Full-Scale Home Plans
Cleaning House? Absurdist Artist Reorganizes Art (& Stuff)
Shack-Crazed Builder Constructs Fantastic Recycled Shelters
RGB Wall Art Murals Shift Scenes as Lighting Color Changes
Spin Space: 360-Degree Room with Zero-Gravity Furniture