Hardware & Fans

Right Angle: Foot-Free, Hand-Deployed Doorstop Invention
Door Wrench: Tool-Style Knob Fit for Industrial Interiors
Custom Floor-Plan Light Switches Dispel Shadows of Doubt
Modular Wire-Frame Shelf from Wall-Mounted Metal Rods
Dial-a-Door: Key-Free Home Entry via Built-In Handle Locks
Analog Fan: Wall-Mounted, Pulley-Powered Cooling System
Real Crystal Ball: Luminous Interior Sneak-Peak Door Knob
Emergency Exit Door Handles Definitely Deserve a Redesign
Power of Invisibility: 7 See-Through Electrical Cover Plates
V-Shaped Door Lock: Easy Key Slot for Secure Night Entry
Flip-Free Light: Touch Switch Lamp Sensor, Dimmer + LED
Shockingly 3D Electrical Outlet Covers & Wall Switchplates
5 Offbeat Outlet Plates & Strange Cord-Hiding Solutions
Contemporary Single-Blade Indoor & Outdoor Ceiling Fan
Upcycled Hardware: Hockey Pucks into Door Knob Sets
Crafty Concealed Cabinet Door Hinges & Hinge Systems