Baths & Showers

Outdoor Showers are a Bit of Luxury in Your Own Back Yard
Sleek Horizontal Shower: Bathing in the Best of Both Worlds
Fold-Up Bathtub Concept Designed to Save Space in Style
Dream Bathrooms with Saunas & Showers, Space Permitting
Sleeker Inflatable Solution Reinvents Basic Walk-In Bathtub
Upward Spiral Showerhead is a Watery Homage to Nature
Saucer-Shaped Shower + Bathtub Looks Ready to Launch
Snake & Spray: Twisted Medusa-Style Shower Head Design
Watercolors: Hydrotherapy + Color Therapy in Your Shower
Polymorphic Materials: Shape-Shifting Bathtub Concept
Shower in Words: Curtain Brings Literature to the Bathroom
Soak in Style: Armchair-Inspired Bath is Rich in Relaxation
Invisible Bathtub: Ultra-Thin Glass Tub in Rowhouse Refab
Vertical Bathtub Combines the Best of Bathing & Showering
Gorgeous Grain: Wooden Bathtubs Really Go with the Flow
Shower with Fishies: Built-In Tropical Bathroom Aquarium