Green Homes

Rammed-Earth Retreat: Modern Home Made of Local Soil
Three-Story Interior Green Wall Breathes Life into Home
Vertical Garden: Home Facade Covered in 25 Kinds of Plants
Self-Sufficient Green Dream Home is One With Surroundings
Semi-Subterranean Digs: Modern Take on Native Pit Houses
Torus House: Curved Courtyard-Wrapping Urban Oasis
Classic Stone Barn Home With a Contemporary Other Half
Green Walled Home Features Different Plants for Each Area
Pastoral Pavilion: Eco-Friendly Retreat Meets Regional Style
Breeze-Shaped Building: Wind Rotates Floors, Makes Power
Ripple Effect: Many-Angled Green Roof Wraps into a Deck
Wooded Wonderland: Open Plan Multi-Level Glass Cliff Home
Up On the Roof: Spectacular Scandinavian Grass Roofs
Nature Meets Architecture: Great Integrated Green Interiors
Shipping Container Cabana: Found-Objects Jungle Retreat
Binishells: Green Pods Reinvent Retro-Cool Housing Shapes