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When you do not want to dress the way society says you should there is always room to design your own clothing. When most people think of fashion pixels rarely come to mind, yet those are the basis for geek designer Cristian Zuzunaga‘s collection of strangely subversive computerized apparel and geeky furniture designs.

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This is certainly not the dress-up styles we are used to seeing coming down the runway, managing to exist in some undefined region between nerdy style and street fashion – or FTW and DIY if you well.

pixelated geek artistic clothing style

A slightly more high-class version of his clothing designs was installed alongside a series of matching murals as part store and part artistic showcase. Not sure this is quite your style? What kind of clever clothing would you design if you were to do it yourself?

Cristian Zuzunaga (b. Barcelona, 1978) is the son of a Peruvian father and a Catalan mother. He gave up his biology studies and his career as a professional model to study Typo/Graphic Design at the London College of Communication followed by an MA at the Royal College of Art in London, where he has lived for more than twenty years.”

“Though the biological studies did not last, the practice of magnifying did–he has always been fascinated by the microscope and the way in which it enables one to magnify an object–and to this day, breaking down patterns and images into their infinitesimal components remains at the core of his work.”

“Cristian’s work is broad in scope–includes photography, video, letterpress, screen printing, sculpture, textile and furniture design–and it is informed by the psychology of colour, architecture and the urban environment, nature, Eastern and Western philosophy, alchemy, anthropology, sociology and the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung.”

“His designs and works of art are reflection on and of what it means to be human today. In 2010 he founded Zuzunaga brand, with the desire to create timeless, non-gender specific and sustainable home and fashion textiles and accessories.”