joongho choi tape dispenser

The everyday user probably doesn’t need an improvement to the traditional adhesive tape dispenser, but people who use tape all day will appreciate designer Joongho Choi’s update on the plain, sharp-edged design.

3m scotch tape dispenser redesign

Choi’s redesign for 3M’s Scotch Tape dispenser involves making the tape easier to access and moving the cutting blade away from fingers and into a safely enclosed space.

desktop scotch tape dispenser

Tape for the dispenser can come in several different widths for various applications. On the outside of the dispenser is a round rubber handle with an easy-to-grip surface. As you turn the handle, a wheel turns on the inside to grab the tape.

redesigned scotch tape dispenser

Although it isn’t clear from the designer’s information whether the user can choose different lengths of tape, an internal blade cuts the pieces so the cutting surface is hidden safely away from hands.

scotch tape dispenser redesign

Making the dispenser safer, easier, and more versatile meant that it also had to have a larger footprint than other tape dispensers. But Choi made good use of the extra space by including a pen holder to keep extra clutter off of your desk.