A bathroom is only so big – at some point, you just cannot add another drawer, mirror, radio or shelf short of a radical remodel, right? There is another way: these tiles let you transform a small bathroom space into an interactive, multi-functional place with secret compartments, hidden functions, magnetic surfaces, built-in gadgets and more.

Droog Design is behind many impressive designs, ranging from highly functional to strictly stylish – this may be one of their best works ever, though, as it takes the most typical and mundane of bathroom elements – blank, white, square ceramic tiles – and reanimates them in a series of fresh new ways while keeping them simple enough to fit into even the most boring of bathroom settings as needed. These space-saving bathroom tiles offer multiple functions you might not even have known you need.

Based on a familiar size and common module, each of these can be used to replace an existing tile in a given bathroom – a tissue dispenser slots in place of one while vents, hangers or new drains can be swapped in for others.

Some of their ideas go beyond what we might normally add as built-ins to our bathroom – particularly in a bathing and/or showering space – like a working wall radio, real-time temperature nodes, a chalk board for chatting indirectly with family members or a red cross that highlights health supplies or other medical odds and ends.

Droog is a conceptual design company with a fresh, creative and often humorous approach.

“We focus on matters that affect society and its people. The process is key. Our work is anti-disciplinary. And the outcome can be anything that contributes to society.”

“Be prepared — We will ask more questions and deliver more than you may want. Smile — We treat serious matters in a playful way. Our experience — Working with good clients brings the best results. Know — That we have a well of experience and know-how. Believe it or not — We are not just a product design company. In our work — Process is key. Explore — Our Design Thinking. We help — Twist the existing, to reframe your question.”