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Custom-design a cabinet that stores or displays absolutely any items that can fit within the four wooden walls with ‘Nó,’ a collaborative furniture project that uses strung and knotted rope in place of shelves. Versatile and compact, the shelf can be changed any time you like to accommodate new collections and uses.

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Made of autoclaved pine and durable polyester cord, the shelf offers virtually limitless possibilities to hold objects inside and out, from books to small personal items like sunglasses and phone charging cables. Stack shoes or paperwork with simple stretched lines or get more complex and engineer rope baskets for potted plants.

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The 6-meter (19.6-foot) cord is long enough to wrap in all sorts of ways. Don’t need a lot of that length to hold the items inside? Try your hand at some decorative knots on the exterior. This piece by Lucas Couto and Pedro Augusto Rocha doesn’t appear to be for sale, but would be easy to replicate on your own with a few simple materials and tools.