desert courtyard house

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Like the majestic Saguaro cacti that surround the site, this Scottsdale, Arizona home rises from the earth and meets the sky gracefully and with perfect style. It was designed by Wendell Burnette Architects to perfectly tuck into a clearing amongst granite outcroppings in the lovely desert setting.



The Desert Courtyard Home is so named thanks to its most impressive feature: a glass-wrapped courtyard that offers the resident a serene space. The protected space provides privacy, tranquility, fresh air, and a fire pit that lights up even the darkest of desert nights.



The home really did evolve and grow from the site on which it stands; it was built using the rammed-earth method using soil excavated directly from the building site. The home is meant to be viewed as one continuous line: a serene monument in the middle of this truly incredible setting.



A primordial connection with the desert landscape means that this unique home looks like it belongs here and only here. At one entrance, a Zen garden-like expanse of clean, light sand welcomes residents and visitors to this singularly spectacular home.



Inside, a clean and modern interior with recessed track lighting and rounded lines softens and provides a contrast to the earth, concrete, and sand exterior.



A “hat” on the building protects it from wind, sun, rain, and erosion. It also serves to help the home melt into its surroundings almost seamlessly. Land and sky are united in a perfect marriage of materials and location, with the home paying due tribute to the extraordinary landscape it occupies.