Building an above-ground pool is not the most intuitive choice when designing a home – after all, you can save space rather than displace it by burying the pool underground. In this case, though, the exception turns out to be much cooler than the rule.

This backyard pool-plus-patio combination manages to define the space next to it, while also creating an elevated deck platform aside from the sunken green garden to which it is adjacent. Moreover, for a family with small children it provides multiple views down to the pool level and into the deep end for the sake of safety.

A set of wooden benches in the lower garden area reprise the dark-stained wood decking of the pool area, while an overhung part of the house hovers over and connects the main structure with the pool (while also providing shade).

All in all, this house by?Andres Remy Architects is conventionally modern, but the creative swimming pool does a lot to set it apart from its stylistic peers.?Now, if only you could also see into it from inside like in the Slice House (indoor view of the outdoor pool) shown above.