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Like houses or furniture, caskets and other objects that house the deceased evolve in style and vary by culture – though this is curiously at odds with the intent of such vessels: to be timeless resting places for those who have passed on.

While modern and minimal, these Diamant Series containers by are also made to feel trans-generational – no ornate decor or carved wood details to give away a period or place. Instead, the forms are an allusion to the more universal shapes of diamonds – a solid and safe abode for an elegant and eternal rest.

In basic black or white, each vessel thus feels both strong and free from specific trends or particular traditions, with a key surface at the apex for placing a photograph, flower or other personalizing accent for the purposes of a funeral or memorial.

Still, as we have all seen before, even the most timeless-looking, multi-faceted (metaphorically and otherwise) objects can appear dated just a few decades later … so truly only time will tell (since the dead cannot testify).