bleu nature pixelated wall

The notion of using wood for walls is nothing new – it may well date back to the first modest homes or huts ever built by humans. A simple twist of the branch, however, and a lesser-seen face of these similarly-sized sticks is revealed.

bleu nature driftwood

Bleu Nature has something of a knack for finding a balance between the rustic, made-by-hand associations we have with wood and the more abstract and contemporary forms normally found in modern houses. This driftwood wall tile in particular stands (literally) as a fascinating way to reuse a classic natural material.

bleu nature stools

Their other wooden wall decor – from clocks to mirrors – seems a little tame and conventional by comparison. The company also works with stones as well as more abstractly-shaped branches as in the funky wall-attached lighting fixture shown below.

bleu nature installation

“Crepuscular-chocolate and penetrating-green harmonies, majestic
marble, convivial, illuminating copper… Bleu Nature invokes muted
tones and dazzling materials to craft an incomparably-comfortable,
exquisitely-embracing collection. An elegant exchange initiated
between nuances and materials, subtle twilight symphonizing hot
and cold, inside and out, a welcoming So Cosy atmosphere and an
exuberant So Jungle trend. Bleu Nature’s interior furnishings and
accessories journey through vogues, reinterpret styles, yet
perpetually pursue their promise of pleasure to be shared.
Bleu Nature, the art of transforming source materials into
life embracing design…”

bleu nature lamps

“Forms and functions are constantly being reinvented by the Bleu Nature design department. The designers imbue the driftwood and nature inspired designs with their expertise and creativity. With the expert combination of craftsmanship and industrial design, Bleu Nature creates furniture and lighting with powerful emotional draw. The style and high quality finish propel the collections into a luxury universe.”

“All the driftwood at Bleu Nature is collected from beaches and shores all over the world by hand. The company has established a reclamation affiliate. Almost 150 tons of wood have thus been selected and transferred to the Bleu Nature workshops.”